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Notes Against the Dominion of Merchandise

To follow the last post, here is the newly finished english version of a comic/zine (originally done in spanish by the comrades at https://graficasdeagitacion.blogspot.mx) which takes the majority of its source text from “The Dominion of Merchandise”, but adds a good portion of extra content and some great detourned graphics.


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The Dominion of Merchandise

An article from 2013 issued by the now defunct “Grupo Anarco Comunista” of Mexico.

The original text can be found at: http://hommodolars.org/web/spip.php?article4817

Note: To cite the comrades of “Cuadernas de Negacion”, and this is so that the diverse quotations which we cite remain clear… “As in all cases in which we publish citations, texts, pamphlets, or fragments, the said inclusion doesn’t absolutely imply an uncritical acceptance of them, without caring about to whom these words belong to, the militants who wrote them or the organizations of which they formed a part of”. That which interests us is always incorporating the critique inside of the grade of involvement in the class war, relate with others and potentate our class as a negation… and for this reason we hope to provide quotations which clarify that which some call “annoying” and which is nothing more than a moment of the class war, a moment of unitary critique, a moment of class consciousness and with it: subversive praxis. For us, unitary critique/class consciousness is identical to subversive praxis.

The Dominion of Merchandise

The wealth of the societies in which the capitalist mode of production dominates is presented as an ‘enormous accumulation of merchandise’,(…) ”

Karl Marx, Capital.

Merchandise is, par excellence, the unifying element of society under the current capitalist conditions of production. All relation which man carries out with the world are mediated by merchandise, all that which he produces, consumes, desires… takes it’s reason for being as merchandise, the value of it in the world, it’s concrete existence, is given by the simple fact of being what it is: merchandise. Merchandise, or rather, a human product placed into society for its exchange. But, what really is merchandise? Continue reading →