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Re-editions: “El Feminismo Ilustrado” (es) and “Apocalypse and Survival” (en)

Before closing this year of the common era, I want to share a few .pdf’s made recently for the physical ‘zine distro’ side of the Malcontent project:
A pamphlet version of the spanish translation of Gilles Dauve’s “Feminism Illustrated” (loosely made in the style of the french and english editions from Blast&Meor, + the brief author’s note from the new english edition translated into spanish for this edition)

screen readingformatted for printing

and also a pamphlet version of the english translation of Francesco Santini’s “Apocalypse and Survival” (new design and slightly corrected notations)

screen readingformatted for printing

Enjoy, and stay tuned – there’s a lot of new content being prepared for 2019!

Contra la Contra #2

Here’s an english edition of the second issue of the bulletin Contra la Contra, a new initiative from comrades in mexico. The original version can be found here: https://materialesxlaemancipacion.espivblogs.net/2018/10/06/publicacion-contra-la-contra-2/

Contra la Contra n2
pdf for screen reading – formatted for printing

The text version follows: Continue reading →

Notes Against the Dominion of Merchandise

To follow the last post, here is the newly finished english version of a comic/zine (originally done in spanish by the comrades at https://graficasdeagitacion.blogspot.mx) which takes the majority of its source text from “The Dominion of Merchandise”, but adds a good portion of extra content and some great detourned graphics.


– PDF for screen reading

– Print Version