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Me, Proletarian? (GCI-ICG)

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August of this year marked the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Internationalist Communist Group (GCI-ICG). Here is an english translation of an often referenced article that appeared in issue n.57 of their spanish language journal Comunismo which attempts to clarify the definition of the proletariat. The original article first appeared in 2008 but today it remains more relevant than ever.

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A Letter From Chile (Raoul Vaneigem)


What’s been happening has been so beautiful. Two weeks of uprising have already gone by which have allowed us to shake off the fear, the indolence and frustration of living under the dictatorship of money and meet as human beings, beyond all the identifications which had kept us separated.

From the beginning, the insurrection and its spontaneous generalization expressed its critique of the capitalist way of life by the deed, expropriating and destroying the symbols of capitalism and the State (supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, police stations, municipal buildings, etc.) There are loads of demands, so many that everybody knows that what’s needed here is a structural change. In the streets is heard “now nothing will ever be the same again”. Everyone’s desire to live has been reborn in the adventure of the anti-system struggle. Continue reading →

Re-editions: “El Feminismo Ilustrado” (es) and “Apocalypse and Survival” (en)

Before closing this year of the common era, I want to share a few .pdf’s made recently for the physical ‘zine distro’ side of the Malcontent project:
A pamphlet version of the spanish translation of Gilles Dauve’s “Feminism Illustrated” (loosely made in the style of the french and english editions from Blast&Meor, + the brief author’s note from the new english edition translated into spanish for this edition)

screen readingformatted for printing

and also a pamphlet version of the english translation of Francesco Santini’s “Apocalypse and Survival” (new design and slightly corrected notations)

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Enjoy, and stay tuned – there’s a lot of new content being prepared for 2019!

Contra la Contra #2

Here’s an english edition of the second issue of the bulletin Contra la Contra, a new initiative from comrades in mexico. The original version can be found here: https://materialesxlaemancipacion.espivblogs.net/2018/10/06/publicacion-contra-la-contra-2/

Contra la Contra n2
pdf for screen reading – formatted for printing

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Notes Against the Dominion of Merchandise

To follow the last post, here is the newly finished english version of a comic/zine (originally done in spanish by the comrades at https://graficasdeagitacion.blogspot.mx) which takes the majority of its source text from “The Dominion of Merchandise”, but adds a good portion of extra content and some great detourned graphics.


– PDF for screen reading

– Print Version